Taking A Moment

And so it begins…

Take a moment and close your eyes, and imagine your life at this moment. Those words resonated with me on my 50th birthday. The excitement to be onto the new chapter of my life. I mean come on this is the big 50, but there was a pandemic going on. There were bigger things going on in the world. Most of the world as we all knew it was on a shut down. So celebrating turning 50 did not seem a good reason to celebrate. I was also not in the frame of mind to write about turning 50.

My mindset became who cares about turning 50 and people are becoming 50 every day so what? I wanted to create a blog for such a long time but nothing would resonate within me to just write. And now at 50? I just could not get me there in my head yet. I am now going into 52 this year. And I decided no more waiting!

I am a mother of 5 adult children, I have 4 grandkids and I am still on this planet. There are many people who are not here today that were either someone we knew or a loved one. I owe it to myself to celebrate being on the second chapter of life. So here is my blog and the faith that I am placing over the fear and anxiety of not starting. Please feel free to take this journey with me while I share life with you.

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